Energy supplier admits gas meter reading mix-up


gasEnergy company Eon has admitted that it has mixed up gas meter reads, with customers either overcharged or undercharged as a result.

According to the Financial Times, the company has mistaken old imperial meters with new metric meters.

It is not immediately clear how much impact that has had on bills. A cubic meter is roughly 35 cubic feet, which would suggest customers have either been significantly overcharged, or undercharged.

The BBC has picked up the story, and initially stated more than 100,000 customers could be affected. However, Ofgem has since issued a statement suggesting that the number of affected customers is “very small”.

“Ofgem is aware that a very small number of gas customers are being incorrectly charged for their energy use and has taken fast action. Working with Energy UK, we’re ensuring suppliers take immediate and decisive action to identify affected customers,” said a spokesperson for the regulator.

“Eon has done the right thing in coming forward.

“Ofgem is working with suppliers to ensure consumers don’t lose out. This includes suppliers setting out plans to redress their affected customers, and to reach a quick resolution.

“Customers do not need to do anything. The very few affected will be contacted by their supplier.”

The regulator has written to all energy suppliers asking them to check whether they have been making the same mistake. It encourages energy suppliers to follow Eon’s approach to the matter, that is refund overcharged customers but not to seek redress from undercharged customers.

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