Engenie joins Octopus Energy’s EV charging network

Engenie's rapid charging hub at Stratford
Engenie’s rapid charging hub at Stratford

Engenie is the second electric vehicle charging firm to join Octopus Energy’s roaming network, adding rapid chargers to the lamppost chargepoints already available.

Launched in May with Char.gy onboard, The Electric Juice network aims to make it easier for EV drivers to charge without juggling multiple apps – instead adding charge costs to their home electricity bill.

Octopus aims to strike partnerships with multiple charging networks in a bid to increase its charging footprint while expanding its energy supply customer base.

Engenie CEO, Ian Johnston, said drivers would always be able to use contactless card payment at its chargepoints, but suggested it is “inevitable that paying for public charging through your home supplier will be the logical thing for many new EV drivers”.

Read a full interview with Ian Johnston in The Energyst’s new 2020 EV report. Download it here.


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