Clean power retailer Good Energy today broke the news that its E-mobility navigation wing Zap-Map has welcomed an eighth charge point operator onto its proprietary payment platform.

Connected Kerb has already begun the technical tweaking needed to become a fully-fledged partner of Zap-Pay, Good Energy told investors.

With 1,000 EV charge posts now deployed, and on track for 10,000 contracts signed this year, Zap-Pay was set up as a funds transfer platform designed to solve UK EV drivers’ dilemma of where to charge without off-street parking.

Tasked to provide reliable, affordable and accessible EV charging, Zap-Pay is on course for a total of 40,000 contracts by January 2023, its parent’s parent told the LSE.

Connected Kerb recently announced plans to install 190,000 public on-street EV chargers this decade, at an outlay of £1.9 billion.  That unprecedented investment aims to revolutionise access to EV charging for millions of motorists reliant on-street parking, as well as supporting mass market charging by corporate fleets and at workplaces.

Zap-Map has secured new partnerships for thousands of charge points to be delivered before 2030. West Sussex and Kent will benefit most.

Launched last year, Zap-Pay intends striking deals with all the UK’s key networks across the UK, simplifying trans-network  payment for EV charging, all assisted over the Zap-Map app.

Connected Kerb’s boss Chris Pateman-Jones, said:We are really excited about our partnership with Zap-Pay, a payment system that will help to provide a seamless charging experience for our customers.

“In an age where users are swamped with apps covering every activity of their daily life, we believe that the integration of finding, planning and paying for charging points within the same app will make EV charging hassle-free”.

Good Energy boss Nigel Pocklington was also chipper.  “”If the UK is to hit its stated emission targets, the electrification of transport will be a crucial step on that journey. Zap-Map continue to deliver solutions to help make the transition to electric vehicles a seamless one”.

“Combining simple payment and affordable, innovative charging options will be essential as more and more people switch to electric vehicles. Zap-Map and Connected Kerb are perfectly positioned to offer this.”


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