Euro-Diesel rebrands as ‘Kinolt’


As part of its rebranding strategy, Euro-Diesel has announced a new name: Kinolt. The company is committed to providing ‘dynamic uninterruptible power supply’ to mission critical sites and offers power solutions that are designed to ensure high resilience, high efficiency, compact design, reduced carbon footprint and lowest total cost of ownership.

Whether the installation is on top of a skyscraper or in the world’s most isolated desert, Kinolt remains a trusted power back-up partner. With the company’s local 24/7 service network, mission critical sites can have complete confidence that their power supply will run smoothly at all times. The company’s resilient, sustainable and cost-effective UPS solutions are designed with customers’ needs in mind.

Keeping your data flowing

Data centres are a keystone of the modern world. Kinolt understands the strategic importance of the industry and how fundamental the sector is to our daily lives, economy, and social interaction. The company works closely with clients to understand their immediate and longer-term requirements, developing solutions that can grow organically with their business.

The company’s technicians and engineers are experts in all matters relating to electrical systems and Uptime Institute Tier topologies, and Kinolt Dynamic UPS systems are operating at many Tier accredited data centres around the world. For further information, contact:

T +44 1285 640 879


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