Charging point mapping service ZapMap calculates that Britain now has surpassed 60,000 public EV chargers.

Operated by, the 60,000th charging device was installed last month on Natal Road, a residential street in Streatham, south London.

That milestone follows on the heels of the 50,000 mark, surpassed in October 2023. That installation at a service station in Weston-super-Mare was part of the MFG EV Power network.

Given current rates of installation, the company is predicting Britain will reach 100,000 public devices as early as August 2025.

Zapmap’s new stats haul reveals that installations in 2024’s first four months are up by over 36% on a run-rate basis, compared 2023’s full year average.  Early 2024 has seen more than 1,900 devices installed every month, up from the 2023 full year average of 1,400.

Two types of public chargers lead the – well, charge – in away-from-home imbibing of automotive amps, the figures reveal.  New ultra-rapid devices – designed for en-route charging – are up 135% year-on-year, ZapMap finds.   There are now 4,988 of these devices across the country.

Low-powered charging on residential streets, usually from converted lamp-posts, are up more than 54% over the same period. operates in this sector. It recently announced the installation of its 3,000th public charging point, with new devices going live at a rate of around 400 per month.

“This is really just the crest of the wave”, Zapmap co-founder Melanie Shufflebotha observed. “Hitting 60,000 public charging devices is an extremely significant milestone for electric car drivers across the country.

“There’s a real momentum behind the increased rate of charge point installations up and down the country.

“Without a doubt, it is great news for electric car drivers that not only the sheer number but also the variety of charging options are improving every month.”

Her colleague Jade Edwards, Zapmap’s head of insights, said the latest figures show growth across the spectrum, from the lowest-powered points to the speediest ultra-rapids on the motorway.

She commented: “With more than 135% growth in the number of the highest-powered chargers over the last year, and 343 high-powered charging hubs across the country at the end of April, the UK is well on the way to hitting 100,000 public charging devices in summer 2025.”


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