Finning launches new guide on power density


Finning UK & Ireland (Finning) has launched a free new guide to help plant owners and operators achieve a balance between greater power output and available space, available at

As manufacturers set out to engineer better-performing solutions, compliant with the latest legislative updates, power density is becoming a more and more prevalent issue.

The guide explores the benefits of greater power density and looks at key considerations, such as optimising output, sizing up generators, and tackling heat and noise. It is the second in what is set to be a regular series from Finning, titled ‘The Power Players’, discussing the latest issues, challenges and opportunities for the electric power industry.

The latest generators have been re-engineered with higher power densities to meet challenging restrictions on capital, site size, emissions and cost. Increased power density is also advantageous because it reduces the amount of ancillary equipment required for a system. When supplying a new generator set, the size of the unit will also play a vital role in dictating the cost of transporting the generator to site, the installation process and then on-going maintenance.

Jason Harryman, Sales and Business Development Manager – Electric Power-Diesel at Finning, said: “For operators looking to produce the most power possible for the size of a site, while maintaining reliability levels, efficiency performance and minimum emissions, there are several factors that need to be considered, such as sizing, the fuel being used and the platform on which the generator is sited.

“For instance, it is critical that generators are sized correctly, according to the demand for power. Engines are increasingly being engineered that offer a higher maximum expected usage, with varying load for the duration of the outage. This ensures an operator can benefit from a more compact generator set that is sized closer to the desired load, while still retaining the same power resilience available from a larger unit rated for continuous operation.

“It is these kinds of considerations that are explored in our latest guide, which is the second instalment in our new series, ‘The Power Players’. This series will address the latest issues affecting the electric power industry, while highlighting the opportunities available to help overcome these challenges.”

For more information on power density and balancing it with available on-site space, download Finning’s new guide from


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