First Hydrogen has released the first image of its Generation II zero emission van, being produced in collaboration with engineering group EDAG.

The first-generation panel vans were revealed last year and are now undergoing mileage accumulation and testing before starting operational trials with fleets from the UK Aggregated Hydrogen Freight Consortium (AHFC).

These include national supermarkets, utilities providers, roadside assistance and healthcare services.

They also have a range of about 250 to 370 miles – more than five times the capability than a battery equivalent.

In addition, their refuel time of around five minutes also compares favourably with the five hours it takes to recharge a battery electric van.

The fuel cell vehicles can be scaled to different vehicle heights and lengths and have been designed by engineers at EDAG, an organisation which works on the development of concept cars and prototypes for the international automotive industry.

Steve Gill, CEO of Automotive for First Hydrogen, said, “Following the success of our Generation I demonstrator vans that prove our concept and technology capabilities, with this next series of vehicles, our goal is to provide the commercial van market with a complete solution for operational flexibility.

“This sneak preview indicates the careful consideration that has gone into combining aesthetics with engineering excellence; the vehicle configuration and signature light panels show a solid standout design that is iconic and will be a real head turner.”

Bernat Costa, design director at EDAG Spain, said, “The pure design of the light panels complements the vehicle’s functional purpose, establishing a First Hydrogen design signature and illuminating the van to improve its visibility for other road users in city and urban landscapes.”


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