Fleetsolve has confirmed its status as a UK Solution Partner to the Engine Business of Siemens Energy (this business has been recently sold to Mutares SE &Co; and with effect from October 2022, it will be run outside of Siemens Energy).

The agreement enables Fleetsolve to supply energy efficient Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engines in the UK and Ireland, providing UK based parts supply, warranty management and factory trained service engineers for long term reliable operation on a wide range of low carbon fuels. The CHP is based in the middle power range of >500kW to 2.0MW and can be used for continuous duty applications and as uninterrupted power systems in energy-critical data centre sector.


‘Biofuel and hydrogen ready’

The CHP engines have a long history of operating on a range of liquid and gaseous fuels including biofuels. Although the UK market has predominately been powered by natural gas, the global focus on low carbon energy production has seen a shift in customers’ requirements to more sustainable fuel sources including biogases, bioliquids and of course high-blend hydrogen.

This agreement is a critical piece in its growth and development strategy. The company is currently on an exciting business pathway of ambitious growth plans over the next 5 years, aiming to increase its annual revenues to £150 million. Key to this, is its aim to supply all industry sectors with all fuel types and all sizes of power generation and CHP, ranging from 2kW to 2MW.

“This is a very exciting time for Fleetsolve, and we are absolutely delighted to announce this agreement,” says Keith O’Connor, Co-founder and CEO at Fleetsolve.  “With this agreement in place, even more engine-based CHP and continuous duty generation users have an opportunity to benefit from our expertise – and future-proof their power generation needs as the market moves to a wider range of renewable fuels of the future.”


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