The Energyst is seeking views on demand-side response and battery storage.

Our 2023 Flexibility survey forms the research component of our annual DSR and storage reports and aims to provide an accurate picture of the challenges and opportunities from an end user perspective.

We have almost 100 responses to date – but we could use more from ‘end users’; businesses and public sector organisations that provide demand-side response or those that are planning or have implemented behind the meter battery storage.

The broader the sample, the more accurate a picture we can build. Take the survey here.

We want to know:

  • Whether you provide DSR
  • How you provide it
  • Whether you could provide more and what is stopping you
  • How policymakers/regulators or market makers could improve the market from an end user perspective

We are also keen to understand:

  • If you do not provide DSR, what is stopping you
  • How aggregators or suppliers could make it easier for you to do so

In terms of battery storage, we want to understand whether it looks viable, how firms are deploying/considering deploying storage, payback periods and business models/revenue stacks.

Please take the 5-7 minute survey here.

All survey participants will receive a free copy of the report, containing qualitative interviews with end users that provide flexibility, and those that do not; insight from consultants on the direction of travel; interviews with DNOs that are starting to buy flexibility; interviews with energy suppliers and aggregators; plus full survey findings.


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