Flexitricity to trade 75MWh battery for Gresham House

Another of Gresham House’s batteries at Lockleaze

Aggregator Flexitricity will trade flexibility from Gresham House Energy Storage Fund’s biggest battery storage scheme, the 50MW/75MWh Thurcroft development.

The Edinburgh-based firm already has a relationship with the fund, managing one of its early acquisitions, the 20MW gas engine-battery storage Noriker Staunch hybrid scheme.

The Thurcroft battery, near Rotherham, is set for completion this summer. Also built by Noriker, it will be the fund’s tenth UK project, bringing its total active capacity to 224MW. That will rise to 274MW when its latest acquisition, the 50MW Wickham Market facility acquired last month, comes on stream. The fund is aiming for 364MW to be live by the year end, suggesting one or two more acquisitions are likely.

Flexitricity will trade the Thurcroft lithium-ion battery within different markets in a bid to secure best returns – via wholesale and balancing markets, plus ancillary services such as frequency response.

It is one of a number of parties working with Gresham House to monetise its batteries, including Habitat EnergyEDF and Kiwi Power.

Flexitricity director, Andy Lowe, said the rapid response delivered by assets such as batteries is something “National Grid ESO needs now and will need even more in the future to maintain system stability”.

Gresham House New Energy MD, Ben Guest, agreed, reiterating that the GB system will require “at least 10GW [of storage] in the next four years in order to enable to the ongoing transition to a renewables-led electricity market”.

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