Flogas to convert National Grid’s Avonmouth gas storage site to LPG


Flogas has been granted planning permission to convert National Grid’s former LNG site at Avonmouth to store LPG.

The aim is to create a facility capable of holding 34,564 tonnes of LPG, the largest of its kind in the UK.

Flogas said it will bolster gas security for both commercial and residential customers.

Flogas Britain managing director, Lee Gannon, said the site will be “a game changer, massively increasing the UK’s total LPG storage capability”.

Jon Butterworth, president and COO of of Global Transmission for National Grid Ventures said the site had served its purpose for 40 years, but as the gas network had expanded deeper into the South West and Wales, was no longer necessary for National Grid’s business.

In 2014, National Grid said it would close Avonmouth in 2016 after deciding the facility was no longer required.

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