Ford E-Transit electric vans for Hotpoint UK


Hotpoint UK, the home appliance specialist, has taken delivery of 40 connected and electrified Ford E-Transits for its 850-strong van fleet.

The business trialled electric vans from across the sector with input from service engineers, and the E-Transits were praised for their on-road comfort, efficient and quiet electric powertrains as well as for their extensive onboard features, such as reversing cameras.

Hotpoint staff can remotely divert engineers towards chargers using Ford Pro E-Telematics software, which provides real-time data to help keep the fleet running efficiently and ensure maximum uptime.

Appliance engineers can cover 100 miles in a typical day travelling between multiple appointments to fix appliances at customers’ houses, which means driving range and charging are key considerations.

The Hotpoint drivers charge the E-Transits at their homes.

Cole Pemberton, fleet operations manager for Hotpoint, said, “It (the E-Transit) is the right size to carry tools and appliances – a task made easier with racking solutions from Sortimo, an approved Ford Pro Converter – while still being easy to drive in built-up areas.”

Hans Schep, general manager Ford Pro Europe, said, “No two businesses are exactly alike. That means Ford Pro customers each have a unique set of needs from their commercial vehicles.

“Whether they operate one vehicle or a large fleet, our goal is to equip them with products and services that custom fit the way they work and help their businesses thrive.

“Our relationship with Hotpoint is a great example of how our comprehensive range of Ford Pro solutions can combine to deliver a tailor-made package.”


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