Four full-electric Volta Zero vehicles from 7.5 to 19t


Volta Trucks is launching four full-electric commercial vehicles between 7.5t and 19t and is targeting over 27,000 vehicle sales per year across expanded markets.

Volta Trucks’ own research suggests that the total global addressable market for full-electric trucks in the 7.5t – 19t category will exceed $100 billion by the end of 2025.

Building upon the success of the Volta Zero – a full-electric 16t commercial vehicle designed for inner-city last mile deliveries – Volta Trucks plans to expand its product portfolio with three additional variants within the Medium- to lower end of the Heavy-Duty class. With Volta Zero models available in the 7.5t, 12t, 16t and 19t weight categories, the Company will offer a comprehensive range of full-electric commercial vehicles that have been reimagined and redesigned thanks to their innovative, compact electric powertrains by logistics people for the logistics industry.

The 16t Volta Zero will be the first vehicle delivered, with Pilot Fleet trucks built by the end of 2021, and series production starting around 12 months afterwards. This vehicle is currently in the engineering development phase, with early prototype testing due to start shortly.

Production of the 16-tonne vehicle will be closely followed by the largest 19-tonne and mid-size 12-tonne variants in 2023. A Pilot Fleet of the smaller 7.5-tonne vehicles is expected to be launched for customer trials in the same year, with production commencing in late 2024. These later vehicles are currently in the early design development phase.

The Volta Zero was launched in September 2020 and at the end of 2020, Volta Trucks announced what was believed to be Europe’s single largest purchase of full-electric large commercial vehicles with the sale of 1,000 Volta Zeros to Petit Forestier, Europe’s largest refrigerated commercial rental fleet. The order book was $260m by January 2021.

Given the strength of market demand for the 16-tonne Volta Zero, Volta Trucks will accelerate its market entry with a Europe-first strategy, followed by US and Asian cities. The Volta Zero was initially launched in the UK and France and is currently in Spain for a tailored roadshow with customers. Afterwards, it will be presented in Germany and North America over the summer, with other European markets including Netherlands, Italy, and Belgium to be confirmed by year end. Volta Trucks expects to introduce the Volta Zero in all its four weight variants across all its core markets. Given the significant market demand for full-electric commercial vehicles, driven by customers’ needs and regulation, Volta Trucks targets to sell more than 27,000 units per year by the end of 2025, with volumes increasing further in the following years.

Demand has also been accelerated by Volta Trucks’ unique Truck as a Service (“TaaS”) proposition that aims to revolutionise the financing and servicing of commercial vehicle fleets. TaaS will offer fleet managers a way to electrify their fleets, with a monthly fee providing access to a full-electric Volta Zero, and all of its servicing, maintenance, insurance and training requirements. It will also provide a replacement Volta Zero when needed, maximising the uptime and operational efficiency of the vehicle.


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