Free Powervault storage devices


Energy platform Kaluza and storage firm Powervault are offering free home battery storage units for a limited time.

Kaluza, owned by Ovo Group, has struck an agreement to integrate its technology into Powervault’s battery units so that they can act as part of its virtual power plant (VPP), which combines electric heating, electric vehicles, and now home storage.

Kaluza declined to state the size of its domestic VPP, but said it was now a “multi-megawatt flexibility platform.”

“Initially the Powervault 3 devices will be offered free to customers for a limited scale pilot,” said a spokesperson. “They will be optimised in coordination with the thousands of other Kaluza connected devices with the ambition to connect hundreds, even thousands in future.”

The aim is to use the devices integrated via the platform to provide optimisation services to suppliers and local flexibility services to distribution network operators.

Kaluza recently suggested its domestic VPP could potentially displace large scale batteries and “in theory” provide flexibility services at lower cost.

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