Fuso launches next generation eCanter electric truck


Daimler Truck subsidiary Fuso has unveiled its next generation eCanter, designed for inner-city distribution transport and last-mile requirements.

Load capacity of the chassis is up to 5.0 tonnes and the vehicle is available as a Standard cab with a 1.7m width or Comfort at 2.0m wide.

Powertrains include a 150hp electric motor for variants with gross weights of 4.25 and 6.0 tonnes, or a 180hp version for models with gross weights of 7.49 and 8.55 tonnes.

Maximum torque is 430Nm and the top speed is 55mph.

Three different battery packs bring capacities of 41 to 124kWh and enable ranges of between 44 and 124 miles.

Previously, the eCanter only had a battery option with a nominal capacity of 81kWh and a range of up to 62 miles.

Charging is possible at up to 104kW DC, giving a 90% capacity charge in 36, 44 or 75 minutes, depending on the battery pack.

AC charging (11kW and 22kW) takes between four and six hours, again depending on the battery.

Karl Deppen, CEO Daimler Truck Asia, said, “At Fuso, we are frontrunners in the electrification of commercial vehicles.

“Since the introduction of the small-series Fuso eCanter five years ago, we have gained extensive experience and valuable feedback from customers running the trucks in daily operations.

“With the next-generation eCanter, we are now offering our customers tailor-made e-mobility solutions for a broad range of applications.

“By taking the next step, extending our product portfolio and entering large scale production we continue to lead the sustainable transportation of the future.”


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