Gazprom launches ‘more transparent’ platform for large gas users and TPIs


gas-300x200Gazprom Energy has launched a gas buying tool for third party intermediaries (TPIs) and major energy users.

The Energy Risk VuePoint service aims to streamline the procurement process between Gazprom Energy and customers with flexible purchasing contracts, plus any TPI that manages the customer relationship.

It provides 24/7 access to live position data, bespoke reports, price triggers and ‘what if’ calculators plus the ability to transact gas online, says the firm.

Gazprom Energy procurement manager Rebecca Sanderson said the service streamlines and automates procurement and enables customers to “make informed decisions faster, cut costs, reduce risk and increase productivity”.

A “more transparent and cost effective” service means more customers can look at flexible purchasing, Sanderson continued, suggesting TPIs could also increase market share via the platform.

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