Give energy savings regulation more bite, incentivise energy efficiency say UK bosses


teefUK firms say government should beef up existing energy efficiency regulation and consider better incentives for energy efficiency investment.

Those are some of the findings of The Energyst’s survey of company directors and managers for the 2017 Directors’ Report.

Asked what single action government or regulator should take in 2017, nearly four in ten respondents (37%) said government should incentivise energy efficiency and tighten up building regulations. The most common recommendation was that regulators should give the Energy Savings Obligations Scheme (Esos) teeth so that companies have to act on at least some of the measures recommended by their Esos survey.

Other policy or regulatory suggestions made by those surveyed include simplifying environmental compliance, reducing excess taxes on business energy consumption, scrapping the carbon price floor mechanism and regulating TPIs.

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The survey will form part of the research component of the Directors’ Report, which aims to provide a snapshot of key business energy and water risks and opportunities over the coming year.

So far, the survey suggests the vast majority of firms would buy energy and water from a single supplier if it cost less. It also suggests that cost remains king as far as energy buying is concerned, with around 75% citing costs as the key purchasing criteria.

However, initial data is from a relatively small double-digit sample and as such must be treated with caution. Directors, managers and consultants can help us to create a more robust sample by taking the five-minute survey. In return, we will send you a free copy of the report, to be published early February.

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  1. If 37% of respondents wish to see more purposeful implementation of energy efficiency building regulations, then that is more than one in three rather than more than the one in four you state.


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