Grand National vs the Boat Race: generating enough energy to power 100,000 TVs


Britsh Gas Business_Horses vs. rowersA racehorse completing the Grand National will use twelve times more energy than an entire Boat Race crew, according to new research released ahead of the upcoming sporting events, which fall just one week apart.

British Gas Business research shows the average male Blue Boat rowing team could generate almost 2.3kWh during Sunday’s race, the same amount of energy needed to power 200 televisions. Meanwhile, a 450kg thoroughbred completing the race at Aintree next weekend could use enough energy to power almost 2,500 televisions.

Up to 40 horses compete in the Grand National. If every horse were to cross the finishing line, the total energy used combined with the two Boat Race teams competing this weekend could power more than 100,000 televisions across the country for the duration of the respective races.

British Gas Business compiled the data to highlight energy use around major national sporting events. High-energy consuming businesses such as pubs and bars can often experience spikes in energy use as fans flock to watch events on their large screens.

However, their increased takings will easily offset the cost.

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