Gridserve and Ecotricity to upgrade ‘Electric Highway’


Gridserve is to help Ecotricity modernise its ‘Electric Highway’ network of charge points on UK motorways and major roads.

Firstly, all existing chargers will be replaced with new technology, doubling the capacity and offering all three connection types – CCS, CHAdeMO, and AC – as well as contactless payment.

After this, a further six to 12 pumps of the 350kW high power standard will be installed at individual locations.

Hitachi Capital (UK), a shareholder in Gridserve, will provide funding for the programme.

In addition, Gridserve has taken a 25% stake in the Electric Highway, launched in 2011 to enable early electric cars drive long distances.

Dale Vince, founder, Ecotricity, said, “I’m a fan of Gridserve’s Electric Forecourt concept, their vision and passion in this space.

“To be able to work together to make sure the Electric Highway continues to lead the electric car revolution in Britain is an exciting prospect.

“The Electric Highway kickstarted Britain’s electric car revolution – one decade ago this summer, and together with Gridserve we have big plans for the second decade – and the end of fossil powered cars.”

Toddington Harper, CEO, Gridserve, added, “I’ve been driving an electric vehicle for eight years, and the Electric Highway was the network that originally made that possible.

“It’s therefore a huge privilege for myself and Gridserve to take a role alongside Ecotricity in the next evolution of the Electric Highway.

“Gridserve’s purpose is to deliver sustainable energy and move the needle on climate change, and the upgraded network will provide the confidence people need to immediately make the transition to a net zero, electric vehicle future.

“The new network will feature all of Gridserve’s world-leading technology to ensure that electric vehicle charging is straightforward, anxiety free, and delivers an awesome customer experience”.


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