Gridserve has opened its latest electric super hub at Solstice Park in Wiltshire, offering EV charging to drivers on the A303, near the historic site of Stonehenge.

A total of eight 350kW-capable high power chargers have been installed at the site, operated by the RO Group, powered by energy from Gridserve’s hybrid solar + battery farms and capable of adding 100 miles in five minutes.

The chargers feature both CCS and Chademo connectors, accept contactless payment, and include large parking bays.

Last year Gridserve installed more than 100 high powered chargers across 11 electric super hubs and opened a second electric forecourt in Norwich.

This year the company is also due to open an electric forecourt at London Gatwick airport.

Toddington Harper, CEO of Gridserve said, “In 2021, we opened one electric super hub, in 2022 we have opened 11 new locations and in 2023, we aim to continue to accelerate.

“Every new charging location makes a positive impact on moving the needle on climate change, enabling more electric journeys and giving those drivers yet to make the switch, the confidence to move to an electric vehicle.”

The Solstice Park site also includes a new Greggs and a drive-through Taco Bell restaurant.

Edward Rowlandson, Group Managing Director, the RO, said, “We are delighted to host Gridserve’s super electric hub on our site at Solstice Park.

“Through our investment arm, ROCP, we have made several investments in businesses focused on saving both energy and water and are looking for more as we pursue a more sustainable agenda for our business.”


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