High-performance switching from Socomec deployed in super-scale Dongguan Telecom China Data Centre


Ongoing safety and performance, and guaranteed business continuity, are vital components of every hard working Data Centre.  Central to every Facilities Manager’s objectives is guaranteed, high availability and maximum uptime. While ensuring that the operation maintains peak performance at all times, and making the best use of existing infrastructure, it is vital to guarantee the protection of critical assets, infrastructure and people.

As a leader in high performance switching systems, the ability to deliver optimised safety and guaranteed performance were key factors in the selection of Socomec as a partner for a high profile project with Dongguan Telecom – the development of a super-scale Data Centre, towering six floors high with a further two floors underground, which now serves the entire Dongguan Telecom estate.

A subsidiary of China Telecom – the largest telecommunications operator in China – Dongguan is a leading national internet and mobile network service provider.

A key requirement for this Data Centre facility was to ensure transfer between a 2000 kVA transformer and a 2000 kVA genset. Guaranteeing mains incoming power across the whole infrastructure, 4000 4P 380 VAC, the power supply interruption to the load is minimal during transfer.

High Performance Switching

Socomec’s ATyS motorised and automatic changeover switches are deployed in the most challenging applications around the world and are specifically engineered to be virtually maintenance-free.

Socomec’s ATyS d H – a remote three-phase transfer switch with 3 and 4 poles and integrated dual power supply – has been engineered for low voltage high power applications that demand high performance and rapid, reliable switching.

The open transition transfer is performed on-load, in line with IEC 60947-6-1 and GB 14048-11 standards (Class PC).

Offering high withstand short circuit current ratings of 143kA lcm (making) and 65kA for 0.1 second lcw (withstand), the performance in terms of load switching capacity is AC33iB (6xIn cos Ø 0.5) without derating.

Colin Dean, Managing Director, Socomec UK, explained: “We invest heavily in Research and Development to ensure that we design and manufacture products that exceed the appropriate standards – as well as exceeding our customers’ expectations.  Furthermore, we understand that our customers need to maintain control of their operating costs, so our engineering teams provide exemplary technical support throughout the process; from design, to installation and commissioning and on-site maintenance, we ensure that the system operates at peak performance – today and tomorrow.”

Easy, fast integration

Socomec switching and protection range

Eight units of 4000A 4P have been supplied for the Dongguan project – the multiple mounting options made integration easy, whether into standard enclosures or custom-designed structures.  Two switches are mounted one above the other, with accessible power connections located at the rear.   The installation time can be reduced even further as the load side is connected within the product – eliminating the need for external bridging bars.

Safe on load transfer: I-0-II

The ATyS d H includes two mechanically interlocked switches to ensure fast switching while providing a neutral (Off – 0) position.  This ensures that the main and alternative power supplies do not overlap. The 0 position can also be used for safe maintenance of the installation, providing isolation between both sources and the load – a vitally important factor in this specific application.

 Automatic (ATSE) or remotely operated (RTSE) controls

The ATyS d H is an RTSE that can be easily used in conjunction with an ATS controller – C20/30 or C40, depending on the application, in order to operate as an ATSE.

Business continuity: guaranteed

As the original manufacturer, Socomec’s engineering team has a superior understanding of changeover technology, the product itself and its software – as well as in inspection and testing safety procedures and the integration of equipment within a customer’s unique working environment.

Dongguan Telecom commented “Guaranteed business continuity and safe operation were, of course, vital in the selection of our project partner.  The wider project represents a significant investment within our business, so it is critical that the products and services that we specify to keep our Data Centre running, operate at the highest possible performance levels.  Socomec worked hard to anticipate our challenges and needs – and recognised that we take performance extremely seriously, both in terms of safety and power. Socomec provided unparalleled practical support during the installation and commissioning process – and the quality of training delivered has meant that ongoing maintenance is simple.”

Visit: www.socomec.co.uk


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