How businesses can reduce hot water bills


Heatrae Sadia outlines the benefits of its smart thermostatic technology in this sponsored post.

One of the most important aspects of any hot water system is its ability to deliver high performance, without incurring crippling energy bills. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to opt for a system which is able to adapt to usage patterns and operate at maximum efficiency.

For example, smart thermostatic controls are capable of continuously monitoring water usage, and within a few weeks can learn the typical patterns of a building. Given that water demand is rarely uniform, this allows the system to adjust output accordingly, by self-managing through peak and trough demand periods in order to maximise efficiency.

Roy Marsden, Product Manager at Heatrae Sadia, explains: “Smart thermostatic technology helps to significantly reduce costs, without the need for constant user interaction, and crucially, without negatively affecting performance.

Heatrae Sadia’s Multipoint Eco range includes this technology, alongside a vacation mode, which ensures that water isn’t heated unnecessarily when a building is empty. This kind of adaptive technology is perfect for helping businesses to save energy, without impacting performance.”

The usability of the hot water system itself is a factor which is often overlooked by businesses seeking to optimise efficiency. The adage of time being money is undoubtedly true, and the easier it is to program a water system, the more time that can be spent on other, more hands-on tasks. The Multipoint Eco features an intuitive touch screen interface, making it easier to read temperature settings and use the controls.

Roy concludes: “Aside from adopting the latest intuitive technology, the Multipoint Eco also features high 3 kW ratings across the range. This helps to boost performance by drawing power directly from the mains and generating rapid heat recovery, further contributing to a system which operates at maximum efficiency.

“Businesses can be assured of the Multipoint Eco range’s energy credentials owing to its ErP rating of ‘A’. With so many systems on the market, the biggest differentiator is often assumed to be price. However, investing in a cheaper upfront model is often a false economy with ongoing maintenance costs and performance not meeting requirements. A high ErP rating is a great indicator for how a system can keep running costs to a minimum in the long-term, contributing to a lower whole life cost.

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