How can self-service empower utilities customers?


Using the self-service features of a field service portal enables you to drive field service customer satisfaction; helping customers, technicians, and operations alike.


It’s no secret that we’re big believers in empowering customers to self-service. In fact, it’s one of our top 10 field service management best practices.

So what exactly does self-service in field service look like, and how does it lead to field service customer satisfaction?

Self-service typically involves creating a field service portal that customers access from a mobile device or laptop to manage their service appointment. Its features can allow them to do everything from schedule their appointments and communicate with technicians before arrival, to receive ETAs and updates, track their technician’s location on a map, and offer feedback after the day of service. 

When these features are all in one handy place, it optimises the customer experience and shows that you respect their time and desire to control their experience. Bonus: On the operations end, self-service is shown to reduce call volume, hold times, and no-access appointments.

Let’s look more closely at the benefits of self-service via a field service portal.

What are the benefits of using a field service portal?

One of the top perks of a field service portal is that it leads to higher field service customer satisfaction. You can better connect with customers and offer them a seamless experience while lowering costs on the back end.

A field service portal is like a one-stop shop; customers can use it before, during, and after their appointment, and they can receive notifications via their preferred channel for each stage of the process (e.g., SMS, email, or push notification).

Initially, they’ll be able to schedule or change their appointment to their desired time. Then, on the day of service, they can communicate directly with their technician, offering important information like access codes, whether there are dogs on the property, or that their issue was already resolved. 

Through live tracking, customers see the technician’s location on a map in real time, and two-way communication allows the tech to provide accurate, updated, and specific ETAs. After their appointment, customers can fill out a survey in the portal to offer feedback on their experience while it’s top of mind.

Since customers don’t need to contact a third party to find out where a technician is or ask how to relay information, these self-service features lead to fewer no-access appointments, as well as reduced call volume and hold times.

Perhaps just as important, they keep your business competitive in an age where consumers demand the kind of transparent experience they have with companies like Amazon, Uber, and restaurant delivery apps that offer real-time tracking and communication with drivers.

To tailor self-service options to your business’ needs, we recommend a white-labelled customer portal with a configurable view of appointment details and real-time status.


How does a field service portal empower your customers?

A field service portal empowers customers because it makes information highly accessible. While you can create an app from scratch, that can be time-consuming and expensive. With an option like Localz, you can integrate a portal with your current software development kit (SDK) or offer customers a web-based link.

A field service portal also empowers your customers with:

  • Details: Customers can see particulars about their appointment, the job, and the technician, which gives them fewer reasons to contact customer support.
  • Flexibility: Customers have the option to reschedule or cancel a service appointment, which lowers the likelihood of a no-access appointment.
  • Communication: Two-way chat functionality puts your customer in touch with their technician directly, lowering volume to your call centre and reducing hold times for other customers.
  • Feedback: Encourage customers to provide feedback directly to your organisation via your portal instead of through third-party sites. Then, show them their voices matter by using the data to improve your service.


The secret sauce to field service customer satisfaction isn’t out of reach. The self-service features of a field service portal lead to a more seamless experience for customers, technicians, and operations alike. Download the Last-mile customer engagement eBook to learn more.

Localz is used by OVO Energy, Welsh Water, Clarion Housing Association, RAC, HSS Hire, Autoglass, and Rentokil.


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