How ultra-low loss transformers can help deliver Net Zero

Ayah Alfawaris
Wilson Power’s Ayah Alfawaris

In this sponsored post, Ayah Alfawaris from Wilson Power Solutions discusses two key factors that are shaping the energy landscape – and how ultra-low loss transformers can deliver Net Zero.

Energy supply is the UK’s second most carbon emitting sector, after transport. It is estimated that the sector accounted for 27% of the CO2 emissions in 2018. Compared with 2017 statistics, energy supply reduced 7.2% of its carbon, making it the biggest contributor to decarbonisation. This is attributed to the phasing out of coal and increasing the share of low carbon energy sources, such as renewables and nuclear.

The energy sector has been through many transformations that were triggered by two main factors: policy changes and technological breakthrough.

Delivering “Net Zero”

One of the biggest commitments the UK has made is going carbon neutral by 2050 to combat climate change. Being the first major economy to set such ambitious target poses many challenges that require unprecedented collaboration and drive among regulators, suppliers and operators.

The UK has invested in low carbon energy and enforced high energy efficiency standards, but to date, it has only cut its emissions by 42% compared to 1990 levels.

Energy efficiency efforts usually address what is inside buildings, from LEDs to insulation, but often neglect equipment located outside of the building, which silently guzzle energy. Distribution transformers are a great example. Ultra-low loss transformers, from Wilson Power Solutions, a Leeds-based transformer manufacturer, create a new opportunity for delivering energy efficiency. These transformers help eliminate 18.5GWh and 5.2 tonnes of carbon annually by reducing energy wastage.

Electrification of Transport

Some 33% of the country’s CO2 emissions in 2018 came from transport, the biggest polluting sector. The government’s ‘Road to Zero’ will help reduce its carbon footprint drastically.

In 2040, all new vehicles will have to be electric in the UK and, when the time comes, drivers will want to spend less than 15 minutes charging their EVs. Many charging points have already started offering rapid and ultra-rapid charging points with capacities reaching 350kW.

Collaboration for infrastructure upgrades has never been more vital.

Ultra-low loss transformers are ideal for EV charging points for two main reasons:

  • They reduce transformer losses to minimise energy wastage for EV charging points;
  • They provide voltage management with built-in voltage tap changers that eliminate the need for additional equipment and associated complexity.

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