Preparing for net zero – is your electrical infrastructure ready?

Register for The Energyst and Vattenfall’s webinar that will examine how power-as-a-service can support an organisation in its transition to net zero emissions. Taking placed at 2pm, 21st September, the webinar will explore the transition to electrification and the implications for ownership, operations, maintenance and legal requirements. It is aimed at Energy Managers, Fleet Operators and Energy Professionals working within UK industry.

As the UK shifts towards zero carbon infrastructure, the electrification of industry, manufacturing and transport is increasing the need for reliable, scalable and flexible private wire networks – and placing increasing requirements on already constrained grid capacity.

Owners and managers of private wire networks already have significant responsibilities, including legal obligations for electrical safety, and now these responsibilities are increasing.

As the UK shifts towards zero carbon how can you be sure that your business is positioned to navigate the transition and stay ahead of the curve?

Time: 21/09/21 14:00.

To register for the session click here.

This webinar will explore:

  • The full range of responsibilities which come with owning and operating a private wire electrical network
  • The key components of the Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations (ESQCR) and the Electricity at Work Act 1989
  • Electrical apparatus, networks, self-generation, battery storage, grid connections, DNO, green electricity, smart charging, cloud management, what does it all mean?
  • The conventional approach – building and owning your own electrical infrastructure
  • Reduced risk approach – outsourcing the ownership and management of  networks:
    • CAPEX free upgrades and CAPEX return for existing assets
    • New and upgraded grid connections which provide Asset Adoption Value payments as ‘cash back’ to your business
    • Opportunities to integrate renewables and batteries to help reduce your business’ carbon footprint
    • The ongoing management, operation and upgrading of electrical networks without nasty surprises and additional costs
  • The journey in transitioning from a diesel fleet to an efleet

Chair: Tim McManan-Smith | Editor | The Energyst


Andy Vickers | Business Development Manager | Vattenfall

Tijs van Driel | COO & Co founder | Red je Pakketje BV, Red je Pakketje

​Phil Henrick | Business Development Director | Tevva electric trucks

Simon Concar | Managing Director | Bowers Electricals

Register for the webinar here.


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