Kaluza and Innowatts ally to offer worldwide platform capability


Energy tech innovators Innowatts and Kaluza are uniting to broaden use of their complementary solutions in continent-spanning markets.

Europe, where Innowatts seeks greater exposure, and North America, where Kaluza has high hopes for its real-time SaaS platform, are the continents of interest in this week’s agreement.

Kaluza’s demand response services will be made available to Innowatts’ North American utility customers, who serve a base of 45 million meters.  In return, Innowatts will make its energy analytics and forecasting modules available to Kaluza’s partner, Ovo Energy.

Kaluza was spun in 2019 out of Ovo, Britain’s third biggest retailer.  

Its SaaS platform yields data intelligence at the meter level, and at speeds close to real-time. The kit’s analytic toolbox assists retailers and aggregators with intelligence on micro-billing events.

Crisper demand forecasting at lower cost in flex and arbitraged trading, and more responsive risk management, are the promised benefits for clients.  

Toby Ferenczi, business development director at Kaluza, commented: “Today’s energy retailers and utilities are navigating a highly complex and rapidly evolving energy landscape. 

“Smart software like Kaluza’s is playing a pivotal role in unlocking opportunities for retailers to run their businesses with efficiency and speed at a low cost, while engaging their customers and shaping a resilient, decarbonised energy system. 

“We are excited to accelerate our international expansion into North America in partnership with Innowatts.”

Harrison Brook, EMEA strategic development director at Innowatts, was also enthusiastic, “This partnership is unrivalled in its capability to enable electric utilities and retail energy providers to take a step forward on their journey towards digital transformation. 

“Globally, regulated and deregulated markets are calling for a solution that can simultaneously provide AI-analytics across business operations as well as deliver the flexibility needed to support the rapid introduction of DERs. 

“Our partnership will provide the market with the systems and data-driven intelligence required to have a 360 degree view of individual customers, as well as manage the flexibility associated with 


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