New supplier Jellyfish Energy’s investment in technical innovation allows a streamlined offering for self-service, multi-property customers and back-office. As the market moves towards a more transparent and renewable future Jellyfish is ensuring its customers have a good understanding of how and what they are being charged.

The company, which already has thousands of SME business customers using its platform, says the new systems will allow a more intuitive interface for understanding their energy bills. “We look to supply 100% renewable electricity and are continually working to carbon offset our gas,” says Jellyfish CEO Aidon Hudson, “Our commitment means we are always working towards a greener future and supporting not-for-profit sustainable initiatives across the UK.” Jellyfish‘s tariffs are continually updated based on market rates

Tech-focused Approach

Both web and the mobile app offer customers full control over their bills, usage and payments. Our tech team also works to monitor member feedback, tracking our most popular functions and updating our app to ensure we offer a simple tech-driven experience tailored to our customers.

Expert and historic insight support TPIs to give them access to real-time reporting of data on behalf of their customers.

The Jellyfish platform is purpose built and can integrate with customers and TPIs’ own systems in real-time via API.

“And although our approach is tech-driven, it’s crucial for us to still have the human customer service element,” comment Hudson, “We’re currently in the process of setting up offices in London and Manchester, in addition to the team based in the North East.”

From the home screen, customers can select services through Jellyfish Energy and view an instant breakdown of your account.

In addition to this, a customer is able to:

  • Access live chat support
  • View all of your accounts at a glance
  • View your bills in real-time
  • Make payments with Apple Pay, credit card or direct debit
  • Submit meter readings in seconds
  • See outstanding tasks
  • See your property’s projected bills over the next 12 months
  • Edit your personal information


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