Self-funding lighting: Sylvania launches SmartServices


Sylvania has launched SmartServices a new range of tools designed to complement its comprehensive range of lighting fixtures and provide end-users with a complete solution service. The SmartServices offering will take a project through the required steps from conception right through to commissioning. The new “toolkit” can facilitate projects of any size and complexity to make life easier for all involved and ensure projects run smoothly.

The SmartServices solution includes:

Audit: This can be as simple as creating an asset register, to as critical as ensuring Emergency Lighting compliance. A Sylvania audit can also uncover the opportunities to make efficiency gains and savings.

Design: What’s best for your project? Where do the fixtures need to go? Is my emergency lighting in the right place? The Sylvania design service will provide a professional lighting design.

Turnkey: As a ‘one stop shop’ Sylvania will manage the project, install the new lighting equipment, remove and recycle the old equipment and ensure the new lighting is set up, optimised and customised to suit your operation.

Commissioning: Ensure that the new lighting infrastructure is set up in the most efficient manner, ensure it is compliant or just have some changes made post a space reorganisation.

Maintenance: Keep your infrastructure in tip top condition to guarantee continued compliance and efficient operation.

Storage: Let Sylvania manage your logistics and receive just in time deliveries for your project. Cut lead times, by having access to consignment stock.

Logic Smarter finance ensures that no solution is out of the reach. With energy costs increasing rapidly year on year, Logic removes cost barriers that traditionally exist making it easy and affordable for companies to invest in future proof lighting. There are no upfront costs just simple, manageable monthly repayments that are typically funded from the energy savings.

Sylvania is proud to operate many regional, national and global partnerships working with some of the largest brands in the world to deliver energy efficiency solutions. Using combinations of the SmartServices products to deliver projects with, and on behalf of, partners that provide real business benefits, including:

  • Energy savings
  • Increased green credentials
  • Compliance monitoring
  • or simply protection of capital

By carefully selecting solutions from our partners, Sylvania is able to offer a wider spectrum of services and is perfectly positioned to assist businesses in becoming more energy efficient and saving money. The SmartServices solutions are available for all projects, however large or small, and can be used in any combination.

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