Limejump raises further cash to scale flexibility platform

Erik Nygard: Welcomes another investor onboard

Virtual power plant operator and energy supplier Limejump has raised further funds to scale its operations.

The company did not disclose the exact amount raised, but in a statement said that following its £3m series A funding in summer, lead by Statkraft Ventures, it has doubled the round.

“Limejump is one of the fastest growing European next-generation utilities,” said Craig Douglas, Investment Manager at SET Ventures. “The scalability of their system and strong forward-looking team make Limejump a potential winner in the evolving energy value chain.” 

Limejump CEO, Erik Nygard, said SET Ventures’ investment “further validates the business model and technology Limejump is developing. This is an exciting time in the energy space and it is important for us to align with the right type of investors”. 

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