Load banks to provide UPS testing for BT


Creschic Loadbanks has supplied a fleet of 30 transportable and 27 state-of-the-art loadbank trailer sets to telecommunications giant, BT. Ranging in size from 60kW to 600kW and all operating on a 1.0 power factor, the equipment will be used to complete the load testing of UPS and generator systems during commissioning and maintenance works.

Karl Baynton, health, safety and environment manager for BT’s Technology Service and Operations commented on the recent equipment upgrade: “With a variety of Crestchic equipment already within our arsenal, we asked them to provide us with a solution which would upgrade a considerable proportion of our aging loadbank equipment.

“The new loadbanks needed to be transportable between buildings and be versatile in handling a varied workload; two requirements which didn’t faze the team at Crestchic. For the 27 larger units required, they suggested their new trailer-mounted loadbanks which are ideal for quick and safe transportation of larger equipment. We hope to purchase more similar units in the near future as we continue to upgrade the equipment our engineers carry and utilise onsite.”

Trailer-mounted loadbanks are the latest addition to Crestchic’s comprehensive portfolio of frames and containers, and have proven the ideal transportation solution for the 15 larger 300kW and 12 600kW loadbanks purchased by BT, alongside the 30 smaller 60kW units. To meet BT’s requirement for a self-contained testing package all of the loadbanks were supplied with 10m sets of load cables.

Paul Bickman, sales and marketing manager at Crestchic, comments: “We are delighted to have been appointed as BT’s manufacturer of choice for the replacement of 57 loadbank assets. As a longstanding customer of Crestchic, BT is already familiar with the reliability and state-of-the-art performance benefits of our products and this is reflected in the latest order.”


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