London event to focus on edge infrastructures


A leadership panel – featuring Schneider Electric, BT, Fujitsu, Arm and EdgeConnex – will explore rapidly evolving data centres for IoT, at DCD>Zettastructure.

DCD is back at the Old Billingsgate in London this year to explore how digital transformation is unfolding at the edge and how this will shape the regional digital infrastructure landscape.

“From industrial IoT, smart cities, streaming and interactive content to robotics and autonomous cars, centralised hyperscale data centres are going large while edge data centres are increasingly using smaller modular forms where interactivity counts,” says Peter Judge, Global Editor at DCD who will be moderating the panel on 7 November.

The leadership panel will explore how edge infrastructure is developing in Europe and what it will mean for the regional data centre and cloud ecosystem.

“With more connected users and more applications, including IoT apps, the demand for data continues to grow more critical. Network bandwidth and latency issues are driving the need for solutions at the local edge – outside the core data center and closer to the processing” says Mike Hughes, Zone President UK & Ireland at Schneider Electric, who will be joining the debate.

Artificial Intelligence

For local analytics, data transmission and processing devices need intelligence to aggregate data and produce results in real-time. Artificial intelligence has an increasing role to play here.

IBM’s IoT Platform and Watson Group’s former CTO will open the event, showing how AI can enable real-time data processing at the edge, alongside computing platform company Vapor IO.

“As we move into an era of edge computing and look to support low-latency IoT and 5G wireless, we need to make orchestration decisions across thousands of locations in milliseconds. This is an impossible task without AI,”, says Cole Crawford CEO & Founder of Vapor IO.

The event will also feature IT infrastructure experts from Deutsche Bank, RBS, HSBC, Facebook, Switch, Data4, IBM, Google, Apple, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Ford, Dropbox, Groupon, Tesla, Verizon, Schneider Electric and many more.


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