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In this sponsored post, CEMAR outlines how it can make managing contracts less burdensome, and why firms like EDF Energy, Sellafield, Magnox, ITER and Dounreay are using it.

In 2004, CEMAR’s founder Ben Walker was part of a team constructing a major bypass around Gloucester. Many weekends and evenings were sacrificed on-site catching up on contract administration.

“It was clear NEC’s procedures would afford us a superior way to contract. But there had to be a better way to navigate them than Lever Arch mountains, killer spreadsheets and disparate document management.”

Digitalisation was needed – a contract management solution built around events, not documents; to achieve compliance, drive consistency and free teams from weekend-hungry administration.

Together with his father Andy and brother Dan, Ben created a prototype. Significant efficiencies were identified, and the trio set about commercially redeveloping the system as a collaborative cloud-based service for the whole project team. CEMAR was born.

As NEC’s popularity soared, increasing numbers of organisations adopted CEMAR and realised the value of its purpose-built, collaborative approach to contract management. From local authorities to major infrastructure programmes, users benefitted from constant evolution of its powerful analytics, governance capabilities and flexible workflows. Today, CEMAR is trusted by £75 billion of projects and services to deliver compliance, consistency and true collaboration.

Almost fifteen years on, CEMAR’s primary focus remains; delivering solutions to real-world challenges faced by construction professionals. Ben joined the NEC team in 2008 and remains active in its evolution, most recently as a member of NEC4’s drafting team. Today, he continues to lead CEMAR’s understanding of modern contracts, unlocking their benefits with intuitive software, whilst avoiding unnecessary complexity.

CEMAR’s team is proud to give time back to quantity surveyors, engineers, facilities managers, risk managers, consultants, supervisors, designers, project managers and all other project professionals. CEMAR is passionate about helping them expend working energies on their profession, rather than on contract administration.

Clients include EDF Energy, Sellafield, Magnox, ITER and Dounreay to name a few. Simon Robinson, Associate Director Project Control for NNB’s Hinkley Point C, is delighted with how CEMAR has integrated within their organisation:

‘I couldn’t imagine how we’d have managed over 100,000 communications across 150+ contracts and nearly 3,000 active users without CEMAR. The tool itself is intuitive and keeps you on top of your communications, even helping you write them without having to refer back to the physical contract. CEMAR support are easily the best I’ve encountered across any software platform. Their support staff are knowledgeable, and requests are resolved within hours which makes a huge difference on a programme of this scale.’

Since its inception, CEMAR has strived to be the best contract management system it can be, with a focus on unparalleled support. To find out how CEMAR may help you and your organisation, book a demo at


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