McGill’s Buses based in Greenock has placed an order for an extra 41 Yutong single-decker electric buses from dealer Pelican Engineering.

A total of 10 of them are E10 10.9 metre long models and 31 are E12 12.17 metre vehicles, financed through the Scottish Government’s Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) Scheme.

It follows the 55 Yutong electric buses the bus operator took delivery of in August and September 2021.

Yutong, based in China, is the largest bus manufacturer in the world accounting for 15% of the global market.

Its buses for the UK are prepared at the Pelican site in Castleford which has 160 employees.

Ralph Roberts, CEO of the McGill’s Group said: “Placing this repeat order with Pelican Yutong was a very easy decision.

“The first two deliveries of 55 zero-emission Yutong buses were completed on time, on budget and completely without the normal teething issues we have come to expect with new buses nowadays.

“The buses have delivered exceptionally reliable availability whilst delivering class-leading levels of electricity consumption. Our customers are impressed by their high quality finish and that is good for business.”

Ian Downie, Head of Yutong Sales added, “It is a testament to Ralph and the McGill’s team that with this order, nearly 25% of their fleet will be zero-emission – the majority of them Yutong.

“The successful introduction of the vehicles heralded a new level of calm and quietness for their passengers, and they have been widely welcomed by the travelling public.

“The driving range of the vehicles has exceeded expectations, even with the full electric air conditioning in operation during the winter months.”


  1. I hope that the local grid in Greenock will have enough capacity to charge these 41 battery only powered buses at the same time, presumably overnight between their operating schedules?


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