Mer has installed 25KW DC semi-rapid chargers at four of IWG’s hybrid workspace locations across the UK with more installations to follow over the next few months.

Mer’s semi-rapid charges can boost an EVs charge to 80% in about one to two hours which means drivers can add approximately 100 miles to their vehicles in less than an hour.

The company mainly installs EV infrastructure into high-usage, high-footfall locations, like workplaces, public places, car parks and residential areas and it currently operates more than 400 rapid, semi-rapid, ultra-rapid and fast chargers across the UK.

These new chargers will make it possible for customers to use EVs for short trips to their local flexible workspace.

Anthony Hinde, Mer UK’s managing director, said, “Sustainability has never been more important for people when they choose brands they want to work with, or for.

“What we are seeing is that when companies offer EV charging – it is both a great incentive and something their customers and clients greatly appreciate.”

Darren Brooks, community manager at IWG’s Spaces workspace in Marlow, Bucks, said, “Our customers are very happy with the new electric vehicle charge points.

“Giving people the freedom to work how and where they want is at the heart of the hybrid model, so it’s brilliant that we can offer them the added convenience of being able to charge their electric vehicles while they work.”


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