Modern Fleet magazine launches


Today sees the launch of our new EV magazine Modern Fleet. The EV market is growing rapidly and while many challenges remain one thing is certain, it’s here to stay. EV ownership rose 185% in 2020 and in tandem with this charging infrastructure is too with over 20,000 public charging devices. Thank you to over 8,000 subscribers who have signed up to our EV channel over these last twelve months, a notification will be sent to your inbox too.

The recent announcement by Ford that is it going all electric by 2030 and investing $22bn by 2025 in EVs shows the magnitude of change that is occurring. A 117 year old company will no longer manufacture what it is famous for; cars with internal combustion engines.

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The Electrification of transport; electric battery powered or fuel cell has brought about a convergence of energy and transport. Given that the UK has committed to ban the sale of diesel and petrol engine vehicles by 2030, organisations need look at the shifting landscape. Modern Fleet specifically addresses these issues for businesses that will soon need to upgrade fleets, install charge points – potentially allied to onsite generation,  as well as utilising this new equipment to support the grid and reduce costs.

Aimed at those responsible for managing fleet and energy infrastructure within an organisation. The energy issues were once a side issue for fleet managers but with the UK target to have Net Zero emissions by 2050 these issues have come to the fore.

The magazine is split into these three core areas:

Vehicles – the latest electric cars, vans and trucks as well as developments in fuel cell vehicle technology

Charging infrastructure – news on the latest charging kit, apps, maps, standardisation  and battery management

Energy management – including V2G, onsite generation, grid connections and hydrogen supply

For more information about editorial inclusions please contact either Tim McManan-Smith or Roger Brown and for all advertising enquiries please make contact with Steve Swaine.



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