North Northamptonshire Council is planning to install about 80 new on-street vehicle EV charging points for use from early 2023.

These new chargers, which will almost double the number of points available in the borough, will be maintained and funded by Liberty Charge.

The authority has 21 new sites currently under review chosen to facilitate public charging for those who cannot charge their EVs at home or on a private driveway.

It is proposed that twin 22kW/h fast charging points, each with two charging sockets, will be placed at various sites in Kettering; Corby; Wellingborough; Rothwell; Desborough; Rushden; and Higham Ferrers.

A single 22kW/h fast charging point, with two charging sockets, will be installed at two sites in Kettering.

Local authorities have installed a combined 16,680 EV charging points to date, with a further 16,563 planned to be installed over the next 12 months.

Neil Isaacson, Liberty Charge CEO, said: “It’s fantastic to build on our partnership with North Northamptonshire Council, and we are proud to continue in our work to electrify the council area.

“It’s great to work with a Council that is committed to supporting their residents in moving to EVs.”

Cllr Graham Lawman from North Northamptonshire Council, said: “We’re delighted to provide these additional charge points, in order to help accelerate the move to more sustainable methods of transport.

“Without the infrastructure in place, it would be impossible to accommodate the growing popularity of EVs in our area and beyond.

“The fully-funded solution means there is zero cost to the tax-payer – of added importance in today’s financial climate.”


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