MPower to market Centiel UPS technology in the UK



MPower UPS has joined forces with Centiel to market CumulusPower for the first time in the UK.  CumulusPower  is a three-phase UPS system which offers continuous power availability, fault-tolerance and a Distributed Active Redundant Architecture (DARA) which removes single points of failure and is now available exclusively through MPower UPS.

Michael Brooks, managing director, MPower UPS, commented: “Availability continues to be a major concern for data center managers and those working in other critical environments.  Unlike traditional multi-module systems, the CumulusPowerT technology combines Intelligent Module Technology (IMT), with a fault-tolerant parallel Distributed Active Redundant Architecture (DARA), to offer availability of 99.9999999%.

“This is achieved through fully independent and self-isolating intelligent modules, with individual power units, intelligence (CPU and communication logic), static bypass, control display and battery,” Brooks explained.  “In the unlikely event of a failure, modules can simply be swapped without transferring the load to raw mains.

“The solution has also been designed to reduce the total cost of ownership through low losses: high double conversion efficiency of 97% at the module level continued Brooks. “The small footprint contributes to achieving a high-power density of 412kW/m2 with an input THD < 3%.

“In addition, vertical and horizontal scalability means clients can pay as they grow as CumulusPower intelligent modules can be connected in parallel configurations to provide redundancy or to increase a system’s total capacity,” confirmed Brooks.  “Serviceability is also straightforward with simple fault clearance and tool-less replaceable, hot-swappable modules.”


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