National Gas Metering achieved a major milestone in its hydrogen strategy with the commissioning of a commercial catering kitchen with appliances that will use hydrogen for cooking.

National Gas Metering recently entered into a strategic partnership with Tyseley Energy Park, providing an ideal base to enable research and development into hydrogen gas infrastructure and metering products, building capability and competence to provide evidence to support the use of hydrogen in commercial settings.

The NGM Hydrogen Team has worked tirelessly with its appliance partner, Falcon Food Services over the last six months in designing a hydrogen service from scratch developing a hydrogen supply system, connection, metering and environment into a commercial kitchen – replicating hotels and restaurants across the country.

The kitchen was built using rigours safety standards and includes safety protective devices both passive and active systems to ensure high levels of process safety.

The team collaborated with multiple external partners and industry stakeholders, including Falcon Appliance manufacturers (who will use the facility to test their appliances working on hydrogen), Metersit, Pietro Fiorentini and Enertek Consultants plus others.

Hydrogen has the potential to support a net zero future and at the point of combustion as it burns without any carbon dioxide releases. The kitchen was officially commissioned to allow the consumption of hydrogen on 29 February.

Metering Head of Commercial Simon Jamieson said: “This is an exciting moment on our hydrogen journey and a testament to how multi partner collaboration can come together to develop solutions that support energy futures.  We look forward to sharing more updates on the projects happening in our facility at Tyseley Energy Park in the future.”

For more information on how National Gas Metering can assist your business with the transition to hydrogen please click here.



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