National Infrastructure Commission to focus on energy storage and demand response

Lord Adonis to oversee delivery of energy infrastructure
Lord Adonis to oversee delivery of energy infrastructure

The new infrastructure body led by Lord Adonis has made balancing the UK’s power system a national priority.

The National Infrastructure Commission will publish three reports before next year’s spending review. Energy, focusing on balancing demand and supply, is one of the three key areas, alongside connectivity in the North, and London’s transport infrastructure.

The NIC has called for views from stakeholders to inform its reports.

Discussions around removing part of National Grid’s current remit have become more numerous in recent months. The Commission will examine whether there is a need for an independent system operator and what level of interconnection is necessary to avoid a potential supply crunch as investment in major new plant stalls.

The Commission also seeks views on demand side response, including current market barriers, and on energy storage.

Views are required by 8 January and can be submitted here.

Read what market participants believe are the key barriers to demand side response market scale in a free download.

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