New EV charging hub at Brent Cross Shopping Centre


RAW Charging has installed 29 dual chargers at Brent Cross Shopping Centre which will allow 58 electric vehicles to charge simultaneously.

It means EV drivers will be able to charge their vehicles while having a day out at the shopping centre, which has 120 shops and more than 30 eateries.

The facilities will make Brent Cross a premiere charging destination in London and one of the largest charging hubs in the UK.

Drivers can top up their charge for 40p per kWh and can pay through contactless debit and credit cards, a user-friendly mobile app, or RFID cards.

Bruce Galliford, CEO RAW Charging said, “The launch of our charging facilities at Brent Cross is the latest part of our roll of charging infrastructure across London and will make the venue one of the largest EV charging hubs in the UK.

“Brent Cross is a superb location in the heart of the local community and has strong transport links to welcome EV drivers from all over London.

“Local residents and customers of the shopping centre can now make this their go-to charging destination whilst away from home.”

“As well as supporting more sustainable modes of transport, this roll out will help deliver a valuable boost for our retailers, who will be well placed to serve this customer demographic in-store as their vehicles charge up.”


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