Risk management: New platform to manage flexible energy contracts


ZTP, the strategic energy software and management consultancy, recently launched its new platform, Kiveev, which has been designed to digitalise the procurement and management of flexible power and gas contracts, providing users with enhanced clarity of position, risk mitigation, time saving and budget control. 

ZTP spotted a gap in the market whereby many domestic and international multi-site businesses buying high volumes of energy on flexible/monthly contracts, had no system in place to monitor and forecast their energy usage, analyse current market prices, forecast future prices or build in accurate risk calculations. Kiveev specifically addresses this issue as it will enable users to:

  • Track and forecast consumption
  • Build and analyse budgets
  • Design trade strategies
  • Assess market conditions and price forecasts
  • Calculate risk
  • Record trades and positions
  • Evaluate strategies
  • Report on performance

As Kiveev constantly monitors the market, businesses can quickly react to market conditions and immediately see the impact against purchasing strategies. Investigation of price trends can also be performed through the Kiveev market dashboard which provides:

  • Live data – live commodities exchange and OTC price data
  • Market commentary – daily and weekly market insight commentary
  • Delivered cost – total transparency with built in non-commodity rate algorithms
  • Strategy library – strategy builder and library provides users with more control
  • Alerts – live alerts provide a constant overwatch
  • Legislative change – updates on legislation to ensure users are aware of changes

Alex Hill, managing director of ZTP, said:

“We are delighted to add Kiveev to our portfolio of energy management and procurement services. This new solution arrives at a time of increased energy market volatility, and will empower those responsible for energy management and procurement. Based on our work and discussions with clients and contacts from across multiple sectors we identified the common denominator that many had no system in place to monitor and forecast their energy usage, analyse current market prices or build in risk factors, which is a becoming a key issue and concern in this era of increased accountability. Kiveev will help users to significantly enhance how they manage energy, and maximise savings on their energy use and costs across their multi-site mixed-use development portfolios.”

“The ways we bank, order food and watch TV have changed drastically in recent years, and it is now time for digitalisation to change how the energy procurement and management process is delivered. Kiveev will transform the way flexible power and gas contracts are managed as it will deliver accurate, transparent and auditable information on budgeting, energy pricing and trading positions, while drawing on A.I. driven risk management tools to provide clarity on market opportunities.”

To find out more about Kiveev please contact info@ztpuk.com


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