New Police electric pickups at Port of Liverpool


Peel Ports has accelerated its commitment to environmental sustainability by acquiring four Maxus electric pickup trucks to be used in its Police fleet at the Port of Liverpool.

Supplied through Activa, the group’s leasing partner, the T90 EV pickups will be used to increase the port’s security in partnership with Port of Liverpool Police.

Benefits of the fully electric pickups include zero tailpipe emissions and lower operating costs.

They also deliver an official combined range of 220 miles, ensuring that Police at the port can meet operational needs without compromising productivity.

The battery features rapid charging capability, reducing downtime, while the vehicles also come with advanced safety features, including collision avoidance and driver assistance systems.

Martin Humphreys, chief officer, Port of Liverpool Police, said, “The Port of Liverpool Police are pleased to be taking possession of four new fully electric, police-liveried Maxus pickup trucks, the first police service in the UK to do so.

“In addition, we fully support the aims and environmental goals of Peel Ports and are confident that the vehicles will enhance our work to ensure the port remains a safe and secure environment.”

Malcolm Oliver White, group head of asset management at Peel Ports, the second largest port group in the UK, said: “These police vehicles align perfectly with our environmental responsibility goals and demonstrates our commitment to a more sustainable future.

“We believe that by integrating the police electric pickup trucks into our fleet, we can set an example for others in our industry and contribute to a cleaner environment.”


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