New transformerless UPS for critical applications

Protect Plus S500

AEG Power Solutions, a global provider of power electronic systems and solutions for industrial power supplies and renewable energy applications, has announced Protect Plus S500, its new transformer-less UPS that combines high efficiency values with a compact footprint and flexible configurations. Reducing overall cost of ownership, this latest addition to AEG PS range is the system of choice to protect critical loads for small and medium applications where low power consumption, ease of maintenance and space are important considerations.

With Protect Plus S500 AEG Power Solutions is completing its transformer-less UPS range, protecting mission critical applications from 400 VA to 4 MVA, thus providing Data & IT or industrial players the solution of choice they need to secure power and ultimately data, infrastructure or people.

The Protect Plus S500 is a double conversion UPS (VFI SS 111). Its Eco mode allows secured operation up to 99%, thus reducing the utility costs associated with operating a device of this type. Moreover, it produces less heat waste resulting in minimized air conditioning costs. System AC/AC efficiency is up to 95.5 %.

Primarily designed for high availability ease of maintenance is an integrated design factor for the Protect Plus S500 which includes removal able internal modules contributing to low MTTR (mean time to Repair). The hot connection and disconnection of parallel units and the CAN bus based distributed control systems, ensures optimum load sharing and allows the system to be easily expanded up to 6 units, both in power parallel or N+x redundancy. The wide range of options available makes this UPS ready for all the business critical applications.

“Since over two years now, AEG Power Solutions has built momentum in bringing to Data & It processes the power protection they need. The company has proven tracked records in the toughest and most complex industrial environments, from off-shore Oil platform to nuclear power plants, explains Alessandro Nalbone, product manager Data & IT UPS. We are happy to serve now Data & IT applications with our expertise and an extensive three phase UPS range from 10 to 4000 kVA.”

Protect Plus S500 is already available and can be ordered from any AEG Power Solutions sales office or distributor.


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