New white paper on design of energy-efficient data centres


More and more data centre owners and ICT managers use the EN 50600 for setting up data centres and server rooms. The standard not only provides insight into the design process – from strategy determination to operation – but also into KPIs, best practices and data centre operations. However, the effective use of the EN 50600, to design an energy-efficient data centre, remains a challenge for many data centre owners and ICT managers. To address this issue, data centre supplier, Minkels, has launched a new white paper.

According to the EN 50600, the following factors determine the quality of a data centre: energy-efficiency, availability and security.  The white paper, “An energy-efficient data centre using the EN 50600”,  discusses the pillars of energy-efficiency and guides the reader through the different parts of the standard and aspects of energy-efficiency.

The paper discusses strategies and objectives, business risk analysis and availability, resource efficiency and availability choices, the use of KPIs when designing a data centre and what different standards have to say about energy-efficiency.

White paper 10 “An energy efficient data centre using the EN 50600” is written by Niek van der Pas, Lead Data Centre Expert at Minkels. White paper 10 can be requested at:


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