Next Energy snaps up two more solar farms


Next Energy Solar Fund (NESF) has acquired two more solar farms totalling 8.6MW.

The 5MW Gilley’s Dam farm, sited at an industrial firm in Cornwall, has a power purchase agreement in place with the company until 2040. Connected to the grid in March 2016, it also qualifies for 1.3 Rocs per megawatt hour.

The 3.6MW Pickhill Bridge plant in Wrexham was connected to the grid in March 2017 and qualifies for 1.2 Rocs.

NESF reiterated that it expects to announce further deals. The company said last month that as well as acquiring operational solar farms it is also starting to look at acquiring smaller sites for development due to intense competition in the secondary market.

Posting interim results in November, NESF said its total operational portfolio stood at 539MW, with the company hopeful of adding a further 193MW.

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