North of Scotland needs to have over 5 times the renewable generation if we are to hit net zero


The the north of Scotland, a net exporter of green energy, will have to scale this by 5-6 times if Scotland and the UK are to meet UK and Scottish net zero emissions targets. SSEN Transmission has today published an updated North of Scotland Future Energy Scenarios paper outlining potential electricity generation and demand necessary to hit net zero.

Key findings from the paper include:

  •  By 2050, the north of Scotland will need 33-35GW of clean, green renewable capacity to support net zero delivery. For context, we currently have just over 6GW of renewable generation connected in the north of Scotland.
  •  Based on 2019 figures, electricity demand is expected to increase up to 71% by 2050 as electrification of transport and heat grows to support net zero targets.
  •  Around 700,000 electric vehicles will be required on our roads by 2050 to decarbonise our travel; nearly 200-times more than today.

Explaining the findings of the paper, Roddy Wilson, SSEN Transmission’s Network Planning & Investment Manager stated, “The north of Scotland is already a net exporter of clean, green energy and our analysis shows the potential to grow this export over the coming decades. Indeed this growth is essential if the nation is to meet its legislated net zero targets. It is clear that strategic investment in the north of Scotland transmission infrastructure is unequivocally needed – and needed today.”

SSEN Transmission itself has received external accreditation from the SBTi for a science-based target in line with a 1.5°C global warming pathway and has also pledged commitment to the UN’s Race to Zero initiative.

To read the paper in full, click here.


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