Northgate launches EV micromobility programme


Northgate Vehicle Hire has launched a new micromobility programme, which offers a range of EVs, including electric utility vehicles and eCargo bikes.

The new fleet offering is in response to what the company believes is a growing need for emissions-free, flexible electric options to sit alongside more traditional commercial vehicles.

Northgate says that from business or educational campuses to industrial or military sites and municipal parks and gardens, micromobility vehicles can offer high efficiency, a high payload and low running costs to fleets and can be integrated with light commercial vehicles (LCVs) as part of a larger rental fleet.

Its micromobility provision is supported by several carefully selected partners to ensure that a wide variety of vehicles is available.

The new range of micromobility EVs has already been available for customers to test drive during across Northgate’s nationwide EV Roadshow days, managed as part of its fleet electrification programme, Drive to Zero.

This programme, launched in 2023, has resulted in more than 60 businesses starting on their fleet electrification journeys, and prompting an 86% year-on-year increase in eLCVs on Northgate’s fleet.

Brett Hilliard, group partnerships director at Redde Northgate, said, “Many of our customers have started to operate vehicles of this type to support lower carbon operations, but with minimal opportunities to rent until now.

“By launching a range of micromobility solutions under our standard rental agreements, we can offer our customers access not only to the vehicles, but also our fully inclusive service and maintenance support.

“These smaller vehicles will complement our range of LCVs and eLCVs, offering specialised and efficient tools to operators under the same flexible contracts as any other Northgate vehicle.”


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