OCEANH2 – offshore plant for generating, storing and distributing green hydrogen launches


Acciona will coordinate the OCEANH2 industrial research project, which seeks to design and validate Spain’s first offshore plant for generating, storing and distributing green hydrogen. The project will propose modular, flexible and smart optimisation based on offshore renewable electricity generation, combining floating wind and photovoltaic technology.

The project will study different implementation scenarios for an offshore hybrid power generation system, evaluating the design alternatives along the whole hydrogen production, storage and distribution chain to identify solutions that have the greatest development potential based on the proposed new materials.

Following the study, Acciona will conceptually validate the solution at laboratory scale, as well as its integration into an IoT (Internet of Things) platform, which will facilitate the plant’s operation, maintenance and management using smart monitoring.

Lastly, the challenges thrown up by its potential construction and scaling-up will be examined using an innovation process that enables the initially proposed design to be optimised.

Companies such as Redexis, Ariema, TSI, Wunder Hexicon and BlueNewables, together with 12 Spanish research centres, are collaborating with Acciona to develop OceanH2, which was selected by the Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) together with 23 other projects.

OCEANH2 received the highest score among the projects submitted to the programme in the field of hydrogen generation and was also classified as the number one project in the Sustainable Mobility Mission, highlighting the potential of the OCEANH2 proposal which considers the entire hydrogen value chain.


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