Ofgem tells DNOs to get on with 1MW+ asset register and plan for national version


Distribution network operators must compile a database of all assets connected to their networks above 1MW – and make them publicly available after Ofgem approved plans for Embedded Capacity Registers.

Agreed connections over 1MW must also be catalogued and independent distribution network operators (IDNOs) are also obliged.

The regulator said the databases would help create and co-ordinate a more flexible and efficient energy system and unlock value through greater asset visibility.

While the DNOs have to build their own public databases, Ofgem said they should also prepare for each of those to be consolidated into a national master registry – and wants ideas on how that should look.

It also noted calls from some parties to detail assets right down to 30kW, and how aggregated assets that provide flexibility services could be mapped.

Further info here.


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