Opcharge enters UK charge point market


Netherlands-based charge point operator Opcharge has entered the UK market with the opening of its first EV charging stations at the Church of England’s Diocese of Oxford head office.

These charge points will be used by staff and visitors to charge their vehicles while undertaking Church business and the hub is expected to drive forward the reduction of the Diocese carbon footprint and form part of the church plan to reach net-zero by 2035.

The 22kW Compleo AC chargers being installed at the Diocese of Oxford feature a user-friendly interface, and can be operated single-handedly so are ideal for all drivers.

They offer fast charging speeds, allowing staff and visitors alike the ability to quickly charge their vehicles and get back on the road.

Opcharge is planning to continue its expansion into the UK market in the coming months with the installation of EV charging stations at multiple sites across the country.

Its business model involves facilitating the installation, maintenance and ongoing costs of EV chargers for customers.

Thomas Herbert, managing director of Opcharge UK said, “We are thrilled to be entering the UK market with our first EV charge points at the Diocese of Oxford.

“At Opcharge we are passionate about the importance of having an accessible and convenient public charging network for everyone.

“As a company dedicated to promoting sustainability and innovation, we believe that charge point operators play a key role in the future of transportation within the UK, to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles at the rate required to reach of Net Zero goals.”


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